10 years’ experience in developing and executing marketing strategies with the unique ability to understand the ongoing market scenario and customers trends using exceptional marketing communication skills, including:

Strategic planning and strategic leadership.

Decisive: Capable of delivering quick solutions to the marketing challenges.

Extensive work with all sources of media channels.

Result oriented: Ability to achieve target within given time.


Use strong sales/marketing background, interpersonal skills and managerial abilities for achieving the company’s marketing goals in the best possible way.

Professional Experience:

1.Marketing Manager   A  Company    SHENZHEN                  2014 – current

Designed annual marketing plans to achieve the organizational goals and monitored the implementation of marketing strategies.

Marketing Activities:

Managed entire product marketing cycle – Planning and applying the use of various sales strategies.

Managed the budget of the marketing department.

Initiated and coordinated advertising campaigns and promotional activities.

Controlled all aspects of production line.

Market Research:

Conducting frequent surveys among the customers regarding the requirements of products at present and estimating the requirements in the future.

Analyzed current market trend and competitor information.

2.Marketing Manager   B Company    SHENZHEN                   2007 – 2014

Developed marketing communication strategies for the launching process of new products  and the branding of existing products.

Marketing Activities:

Prepared the pricing strategy of the product.

Interacted with media for promotion of the product – Made key messages to attract the customer towards the brand name.

Selected special products to be displayed at promotional events and exhibitions.

Negotiated with the suppliers and vendors regarding distribution contracts.

Maintained cordial relationships with the stake holders and shareholders of the company.


Worked hard as a team and as a good leader.

Motivated the subordinates to work hard by assisting them.