Detail-oriented and highly articulate professional manager, directing operations and activities within production area – Employs strong organizational skills, leadership and thorough knowledge regarding many aspects of the production process to achieve organization goals: cost-savings, product quality, labor efficiency, timely delivery and safety.

Advantage – Managing and directing production processes while ensuring optimum utilization of resources to increase cost savings, quality, yields, output and efficiency of production.

■ Professional Work History

1. A Corporation                SHENZHEN 2005 – Present

Production Manager

Planned, organized, supervised and implemented manufacturing procedures in accordance with Quality Assurance methods, new process technologies, organizational strategies and quarterly/annual budgets.

Main Contributions:

Supervised and administered staff and equipment/machines throughout production process.

Analyzed and prepared production budgets and timelines required to complete production projects. Held discussions with clients and modified wherever necessary.

Ascertained production did not exceed sales budget and was cost effective for firm.

Ensured that all safety and quality measures were adhered to during production process, from beginning to end.

Prepared various training programs, with consideration for complexity of production process and construction engineers’ skills.

Enabled proper utilization of resources, reducing wastage.

■ Educational Qualifications

Master’s in Engineering/ Management/ Business Administration.

Bachelors in Management/ Engineering/ Business Administration.